EMfit developed by Michael G. Rossmann


Program for fitting atomic models into electron microscopy maps. Fitting criteria includes the sum of densities at atomic sites, the lack of atoms in negative or low density, the absence of atomic clashes between symmetry-related positions of the atomic structure, and the distances between identifiable features in the map and their positions on the fitted atomic structure, etc.


Version : 13.0

OS support : Linux.

Map format support : TSB ASCII EM/CCP4.

Cost : Free / Open Source

Download EMfit

Download EMfit manual


Rossmann, M. G., R. Bernal, S. V. Pletnev. 2001. Combining electron microscopic with X ray crystallographic structures. J. Struct. Biol.136:190-200. download PDF

Rossmann, M. G. 2000. Fitting atomic models into electron microscopy maps. Acta Crystallogr.D56:1341-1349. download PDF


If you meet any bugs or problems of the programs, please email mr@purdue.edu.

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