Current lab members

Daniel Suter Daniel Suter
Associate Professor
Lilly Hall 2-239
Daniel grew up in Switzerland and received his MS degree in Biology from the ETH Zurich. After completing his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Zurich, he conducted postdoctoral research at Yale University in cellular neurobiology. In 2003, he started his own lab at Purdue University.
Yingpei He Yingpei He
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-240
Yingpei joined our lab in 2009. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Science and Technology in Hefei, China.
Cory Weaver Cory Weaver
Graduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-240

Cory is originally from Galveston, IN. He received his BS degree in Cell, Molecular and Developmental biology from Purdue in August 2009, and began pursuing his Ph.D. in August 2011. Cory joined the Suter lab in May 2011.
Autumn Beachy Autumn Beachy
Undergraduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-240
Autumn joined the lab in May 2012 and is an Undergraduate in Neuorbiology & Physiology. She is from Waterloo, IN and competes on the Purdue Cross Country and Track teams. She expects to graduate in May 2014.
Erica Wimer Erica Wimer
Undergraduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-240
Erica is from Carmel Indiana and joined the lab in January 2013. She is an undergraduate in Neurobiology & Physiology and will graduate in Spring 2015.
Monique Nichols Monique Nichols
Undergraduate Student
Lilly Hall 2-240
Monique is from Pickerington, OH and is an undergraduate student in the department of biology. Monique is pursuing a BS degree and will graduate the spring of 2014.

Former lab members

Dr. Boris Decourt
Postdoctoral Research Associate. Boris currently holds a Postdoctoral Position at the Sun Health Research Institute, Sun City, AZ.

Dr. Aih Cheun Lee
Graduate Student. Aih-Cheun is currently pursuing a second postdoc at the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan.

Dr. Vidhya Munnamalai
Graduate Student. Vidhya is currently pursuing a second postdoc in the lab of Dr. Donna Fekete in our Department.

Dr. Bingbing Wu
Graduate Student.  Bingbing currently has a Postdoctoral Position at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium.

Elisabeth Garland
Liz currently works as Research Assistant at Purdue University after she completed her master degree in the Suter Lab.

Corinne Weisheit
Undergraduate Student. Corinne has started graduate studies in the Cellular and Molecular Biology program at University of Michigan.

James Hamilton
Undergraduate student. James graduated in May 2012 with a BS degree in Biology from Purdue and is currently pursuing a PhD in the Indiana University School of Medicine BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program in Indianapolis.

Lauren Payne
Undergraduate student. Lauren graduated in May 2012 with a BS degree in Biology from Purdue and is currently working as a fitness intern at MIT in Boston.

Christina Atallah
Undergraduate student. Christina is currently finishing up her double degree in Biological and Computer Sciences at Purdue.

Desmond Grimm
Undergraduate Student. Desmond is currently finishing up his studies at Purdue University. He plans to attend medical school in the future.

Lauren Sanchez
Undergraduate Student. Lauren is currently attending optometry school.

Aditi Trehan
Undergraduate Student. Aditi is currently attending medical school.

William Kim
Undergraduate Student. William is currently attending the IU medical school in Indianapolis.

Levi Wuethrich
Undergraduate Student. Levi is working for Abbott Laboratories, Chicago.

Mamduh Zabidi
Undergraduate Student. Mamduh is enrolled in the PhD program of the IMP in Vienna, Austria.

Goldie Peabody-Dowling
Undergraduate Student.

Keira MacIsaac
Undergraduate Student. Keira is a Research Associate at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.

Jeff Fitzgerald
Undergraduate Student.

Recent Lab Events

Nanodays 2012

Lauren and James Farewell Party April 2012

Corinne's and Liz's graduation May 2010

Corinne's and Liz's graduation party

Aih Cheun’s and Vidhya’s graduation Dec 2009

Bingbing’s graduation May 2009

Aih Cheun’s and Vidhya’s graduation party Dec 2009

Suter Lab Party Summer 2008

Suter Lab Spring 2008

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