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Department of Biological Sciences
Purdue University
915 W State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47992

Phone: 765.496.6848
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Research in the lab is focused on evolutionary genetics and genomics in aquatic species.  Most of our research is focused on the genetic basis of complex traits, including behavior, physiology, morphology, and life history traits.  Projects in the lab include quantitative genetics and genomics of migration and residency in salmonid fishes and genetics of a marine parasite and its hosts.


Krista Nichols
Principal Investigator

Matt Hale
Post-doctoral associate

Ashley Chin-Baarstad
Ph.D. student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Ben Hecht
Ph.D. Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Garrett McKinney
Ph.D. student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Julie Scardina
M.S. student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Current undergraduates:  Gabrielle Schafer, Madeline Valle, Katlin Walls